The MIRROR WATER bathing ritual is thorough and rewarding. It’s about the long game, and we’re here to guide you through it! 


This is specific to an evening bath—if you’re a morning bather, prefer showers or don’t have a bath, try our alternative bathing guide here.  


This guide will show you how to follow these three stages to get the most out of your bath: submerge, reflect, resurface. 


But first things first—plan ahead:


Change your bedsheets (you’ll thank yourself later)


A fresh towel and clean sleepwear is a must


Secure the goods:


Salts - we of course recommend SOAK, which contains not one but three types of bath salts. We combined magnesium flakes (for tired muscles), Himalayan salt (for fatigue), and Epsom salt, a compound of magnesium (for sleep), so you can gain all of these complementary benefits in one bath


Bubbles are optional - some say that a layer of bubbles somehow insulates the water in the bath, keeping it warm for longer. We’re unsure about this claim but appreciate that bubbles can be fun, though sometimes it’s nice to just be with yourself, your body visible below the surface or slightly distorted by the water


Candle - also optional but it can be especially relaxing to switch off any harsh bathroom lights in favour of soft candlelight


Pillow - you can buy neck pillows for bathing which could be a good option if you are sensitive to neck issues, but folding a hand towel into a comfy block works well too, and it doesn’t matter it any of it slips into the bath  




Formulated with mineral-rich bathing salts and essential oils to help you feel grounded and restful. Dissolve a handful or two into a warm bath and SOAK.


"Medical experts say that you shouldn’t be sweating while you’re bathing.. "



Drawing a bath:


Add a small amount of salts to the empty bath; once the first water hits, the aromatherapy benefits will begin early and fill the room. Sprinkle the rest of your salts into the running water near the tap once the bath passes the half full stage. 


A note on bath temperature: research shows that an optimal bath should be just warmer than body temperature, and no hotter than 38 degrees C. At MIRROR WATER we are pretty detailed when it comes to bathing but even we don’t want to use a thermometer for this, so the best advice is to put your wrist to the water and if it feels comfortable to keep it there then you’ve got the right temperature. Medical experts say that you shouldn’t be sweating while you’re bathing. The reason behind this is primarily that taking baths that are too hot can dry out your skin or even exacerbate existing skin conditions such as eczema, but in some cases it can also affect blood pressure. 


Arrange the room accordingly by setting up your candles or low lighting. A glass of water, wine, some chocolate. Lay out post-bath products and sleepwear (bonus if you have a heated bathroom rail to warm your towel and nightwear on while you bathe). Set up similarly low lighting in your bedroom.


Decide if this bath is going to be for reading or thinking, listening to a podcast or watching something. Is it going to be a screen-free zone? Or a mix of a few of these?


Ease yourself into the tub inch by inch or plunge straight in—it’s bath time! 




We recommend using and testing reflective thought processes in the bath. Ideally, we want to encourage the use of bath time as a safe space to reflect on the good, the bad, or anything your mind presents to you. Showers are great for sparking new ideas, baths are ideal for reflection.


Of course, a bath is a prime way to relax. But sometimes a bath can be a bandaid for a wider problem—‘I’ve had another awful day, I’ll get in the tub tonight and try again tomorrow’. 


The bathroom is a separate space, especially for those of us working from home, where we can escape our makeshifts offices or untidy kitchens. In this space we might hold a mirror up to our routines and ask ‘Why was today so awful? What can I do to unsettle this routine? Do I have the resources for this, or do I need to ask for some help?’. Too many self-care practices are about smoothing over a problem that will certainly re-arise another day and we think that a bath, away from work or other people you live with, is a unique place to be with yourself. 


Many of us struggle with racing minds and a bath can be a way to confront this and ultimately move past it. Who else has to sit within their racing thoughts, or finds it hard to sit still long enough to relax into a bath? This phase will pass and you can try out breathing techniques to feel present. If you struggle with any of this, a screen-free bath could be a good option, or using a guided meditation. 


"This process also lets your body acclimatise to the temperature around you, helping you be ready to resurface. "



Staying in the bath, release the plug and let the water drain around you. As the water slips away, close your eyes and picture the dregs of your day going down the plughole with it. 


This can be a surprisingly mindful way to draw bath-time to a close. This process also lets your body acclimatise to the temperature around you, helping you be ready to resurface. 


While your body is still damp, apply an oil. We recommend SMOOTH, our body oil. SMOOTH your body while it is still wet from the bath because the oil will mix with the water to create a hybrid texture that absorbs and seals in the benefits of the oil. 


Lend extra attention where needed using a rich balm like RUB. We’re thinking about cuticles, knuckles, elbows, knees, heels. 


This can also be an ideal time to use a face mask because the steam from the warm bath will have softened the skin, including sebum and natural oils, making it a little more receptive to skincare added at this point. 


Slip into your sleepwear and move to your bed, without checking your phone if that’s practical for you. 


Sometimes it can be rewarding to lie down on your cool bedsheets and think about one thing you want to take away from this process, something you want to do differently tomorrow. 


That’s it—our definitive guide to making the most of what bathing has to offer. Submerge, reflect, resurface.


Take care,