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Welcome to our first MIRROR WATER Community Spotlight. Each month, we’ll be getting to know one of our MW muses – asking questions about who they are and what they do. This month, we speak with Nadia Birch – model and creator of the Being Human newsletter. 

Scroll on to hear Nadia’s summer inspirations, best advice, and how she’s feeling smooth from the inside-out this summer.

MIRROR WATER: We appreciate how you engage in conversations with various individuals about the essence of being human. What does "being human" mean or feel like to you?

Nadia Birch: Being alive and being connected to nature and the Earth. The term "human" originates from the Latin word "humus," which means "earth man."

I created Being Human because I had been unwell for the past year and a half, and I was experiencing deep loneliness. I desired to engage with people whom I admired—those whose books I had read, podcasts I had listened to, and photographs that brought me joy and comfort. I reached out to these individuals, and some of them agreed to participate. It has brought me immense happiness.

MIRROR WATER: What is one particular piece of advice from your "being human" series that has resonated with you the most, and why?

Nadia Birch: A statement from movement practitioner Nahid de Belgeonne stood out to me: "You can have emotions, thoughts, and feelings. It doesn't mean you're broken—it just means you're human." This message deeply connected with me.

MIRROR WATER: What's your go-to summer nail color?
Nadia Birch: "Put it in neutral" by OPI. Although, currently, I'm just keeping my nails plain.

MIRROR WATER: Do you prefer SOAK baths or BUFF showers?

Nadia Birch: Unfortunately, I don't have a bath at the moment, which breaks my heart. But showers make me feel alive—BUFF showers in the summer.

MIRROR WATER: We're tired of dreaming about blunt rotations. Who would be in your dream girls' night in lineup?

Nadia Birch: Just Cleo Sol! I can't stop listening to her this summer.

MIRROR WATER: Lastly, what are your three Smooth State must-haves for feeling physically and mentally smooth this summer?

Nadia Birch: Cups of tea, acupuncture with Emma Peel, and a good book to read in the park... and of course, spending time with friends and making connections. I also enjoy daydreaming a lot in the sun. That defines a good summer for me.

Want to hear more? Follow her on Instagram @nadia.beinghuman.