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Tradition Meets Modern Expression
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The MIRROR WATER journal is tactile, made from Japanese Kozo Paper (mulberry paper), which has been resist-dyed using natural colours and soybean glue, applied in a style derived from kimono and fabric design. This process is known as Katazome stencil printing and modernist postwar in flavour. Between 190-200 ruled pages fill the inside of the journal making it a very chunky book.

The lime green sponge effect on the outer pages of the journal is known as edge-sponging or edge-marbling. This hand applied colour can vary due to the handmade artisanal process and the colour is mixed on the day by eye by the bookbinder. 

The fabric on the journal is a standard fabric linen as used in traditional bookbinding. All materials for this journal are made in the EU/UK/JAPAN.

Handmade, with 190-200 lined pages per journal.

Designed for self-reflection and internal revolutions.

Made with natural dyes, soybean glue, and mulberry paper.

Proudly created in partnership with Choosing Keeping.


Your downtime’s ultimate companion – created for self-reflections, check-lists, streams of consciousness, morning pages, drawings, sketches, and whatever else your self-care requires.

  • Materials: Tactile Japanese Kozo Paper dyed with natural colour and bound with soybean glue. Binding made of linen in a lime green. All materials for this journal are made in the EU/UK/JAPAN.
  • Size:  17 x 23cm
  • Page Count: 190 - 200

The Journal feels so special to me, because it was MIRROR WATER’s first-ever product. I use mine for daily reflections and for to-do lists at work. It’s truly a work of art and I’m still so proud of it.

  1. What's the first thing you think about when you close your eyes?
  2. What are you ready to face?
  3. How can you help yourself right now?
  4. When do you feel seen?
  5. What's your relationship with your body and mind?
  6. If you could express your emotions without fear, what would you say?

Customer Reviews

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Martina Kudumija
my favourite part of my morning ritual

I love this journal SO much. The quality is unmatched. The paper is a dream to write on and every detail feels so special. I’ll purchase this again and again as long as it’s in stock :)

I was expecting so much better

I was so excited for my first order from mirror water. I ordered early November when the bath products were launched and added in a journal too. Firstly shipping is horrendous. It just arrived today nearly 6 weeks later in a box that looked like it had been around the globe twice. I recognize that there are shipping delays right now, but there are others who I order from in the UK that get products to me in 1-2 weeks. The corners of the journal are damaged/dented as is the spine . For the price of the journal and more importantly the price of shipping to the US I was expecting so much more. The journal itself is quite nice but i am disappointed on the state it arrived in. I suggest a serious look at the outer boxes to help with the damage to stuff inside and for sure evaluate if this is the right shipping partner.

Hi Regina,
Thank you for your review. We completely agree. Unfortunately, there have been some issues with our shipping partner that was out of our hands. We have been working tirelessly to fix these problems (getting new boxes, working with different couriers etc.). This is not something we could have predicted and we're sorry you were disappointed with the level of service and we hope that as we gain more experience we will be able to offer a more seamless service.

Take Care,


This is the journal I've been searching for! It's not only beautiful to look at but has lush, thick paper and is big enough to last me for years.

amazing attention to detail

This is an amazing notebook! Estee really outdid herself. I got one for myself and my sis-in-law as we are both long time fans of Estee's youtube channel! As a lover of notebooks myself, I really love the paper and the fact that the cover STANDS OUT! Love this notebook so much!

Madison Kelly
Beautifully crafted journal

They thought put into this journal really shows! Every time I open it to journal I feel like it’s an experience. It inspires me!!