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The MIRROR WATER journal is tactile, made from Japanese Kozo Paper (mulberry paper), which has been resist-dyed using natural colours and soybean glue, applied in a style derived from kimono and fabric design. This process is known as Katazome stencil printing and modernist postwar in flavour. Between 190-200 ruled pages fill the inside of the journal making it a very chunky book.

The lime green sponge effect on the outer pages of the journal is known as edge-sponging or edge-marbling. This hand applied colour can vary due to the handmade artisanal process and the colour is mixed on the day by eye by the bookbinder. 

The fabric on the journal is a standard fabric linen as used in traditional bookbinding. All materials for this journal are made in the EU/UK/JAPAN.

Made using naturally sourced ingredients.

An inclusive, neutral scent designed for everybody

Housed in re-usable glass jars

Voted best by Vogue


Tactile Japanese Kozo Paper dyed with natural colour and bound with soybean glue. Binding made of linen in a lime green. All materials for this journal are made in the EU/UK/JAPAN.

About Choosing Keeping

Choosing Keeping began in 2012 as a small shop on Columbia Road, the street in East London best known for its flower market and independent boutiques. Stationery was making a fashionable comeback, a response to the all-encompassing digital age, but for us it was always there: the first fountain pen you used in school, the notebook that kept you company through your teenage years, the rotary pencil sharpener on your teacher’s desk, your grandfather’s filing cabinet. Nostalgic collecting notwithstanding, we also believe objects, pens, glue and the stationery accoutrement, should be appraised for their historical and cultural significance, as well as design and functionality.

Journal Prompts

  1. What's the first thing you think about when you close your eyes?
  2. What are you ready to face?
  3. How can you help yourself right now?
  4. When do you feel seen?
  5. What's your relationship with your body and mind?
  6. If you could express your emotions without fear what would you say?

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