25 08 21

Busting Therapy Myths and Practising Everyday Mental Maintenance. A Q&A with Self Space

Self Space is a contemporary mental health service offering a good conversation with a qualified person, through straightforward access to flexible therapy.

MIRROR WATER asked Jodie Cariss, founder ofSelf Space about the basics of accessing therapy.

This Q&A would benefit those who are unsure of how to approach therapy, or those who would like to develop their understanding of how therapy could work for them.
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18 08 21


A selection of playlists inspired by various themes.
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05 08 21


At MIRROR WATER we like to think that reading enriches our lives by deepening the everyday, and drawing us closer to understanding ourselves. Reading offers a unique way to spot something of yourself that you have never seen anyone else describe, or to encounter boundless other experiences, stories, and ways of thinking.

We have compiled this recommended reading list, complete with annotations about each book. This list will grow over time. If you read anything from our list and would like to talk to us about it, or if you would like to recommend a book to us, contact

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27 07 21


We have collated a selection of painters, photographers, sculptors, and textile artists whose works inspire us. Artwork can be invigorating, challenging, and moving, and we find that encounters with art can inflect our lives in positive and lasting ways.

If you like this list, you’d enjoy the monthly MIRROR WATER newsletter, which always includes discussion of an artist related to the theme of the month. We will also add new artists and images to this page over time.
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26 07 21

An interview with author Xanthi Barker

‘Maybe writing it was the final stage of grief.’`

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