Shall we set the tone with some music?
Yana Sheptovetskaya aka GELCREAM has curated your playlist:
‘Music for (in)attention’ is here.
Yana is a photographer and creative director based in Los Angeles known for her GELCREAM project, which inspects beauty products via reviews and her immaculate signature imagery. She is represented by Art Department and works with major brands and magazines on beautiful content that focuses on hands, textures and objects.


MIRROR WATER asked Yana to compile the first playlist because her work is recognisable for its close physical proximity to its subject—but at the same time, Yana's dreamy, evocative aesthetic allows room for the viewer's own associations.



Shall we set the tone with some music?
Tara aka @tarmarz has curated your playlist:
‘Music for HEAD/HEART’ is here.
Tara is an Irish design graduate from Cork, based in New York. She is a content creator and has also worked as a stylist and photographer for various brands. Her work has been featured in various international publications, such as Nylon Magazine and Vogue. She has cultivated an impressively loyal audience of like-minded individuals.


MIRROR WATER asked Tara to compile this month's playlist because the theme HEAD/HEART is aligned with Tara's own personal qualities. In her spare time, she has taken various in-depth astrology courses to better understand herself and those around her. Watching Tara dance to her favourite music and give her audience access to her energetic process inspires her viewers to live a little less in their heads and more in their hearts.



Fenna Schilling has curated your playlist:
‘Music for Handwriting’ is here.
Whether it’s a scrap of paper or a song from a ‘90s ambient compilation, Dutch visual artist Fenna Schilling and DJ (Fenna Fiction) finds beauty in neglected material. Starting from a young age, she collected spurned museum library books and art magazines which she now repurposes in her collage art. Her visual practice and love for music are always intertwined and enforcing one another. While studying for her MFA she began working on commissions within the electronic music industry: creating record covers, artwork for music events, etc. Since then her practice has expanded to autonomous work and commissioned projects for clients such as Architectural Digest Italia, Hermès, etc.


MIRROR WATER asked Fenna to create an ambient playlist with an emphasis on songs without lyrics. The idea here is that this kind of music is ideal to write to—in the absence of lyrics, your own words come first.



Shall we set the tone with some music?
‘Music for SLEEPLESSNESS’ is here.
Hiroshi Yoshimura was a Japanese musician and composer. He is considered to be one of the pioneers of kankyō ongaku, a form of environmental ambient music that blends the sounds of electronic synthesis with those of nature.
Influenced by the work of Brian Eno throughout the 1970s, Yoshimura released his debut, the now lauded ‘Music fo Nine Postcards’ in 1982. However it was until 2017 (fourteen years after Yoshimura’s death) that record was released outside of Japan, receiving critical acclaim. The liner notes state that he was inspired by ‘the movements of clouds, the shade of a tree in summertime, the sound of rain, the snow in a town’.




Shall we set the tone with some music?
‘Music for Plants’ is here.
Inspired by his wife Margaret’s talent for encouraging plants to flower, Mort Garson composed Mother Earth’s Plantasia, a synth-heavy album of songs designed specifically for the enjoyment of house plants.


Press PLAY and see if your prayer plant perks up!


Shall we set the tone with some music?
‘MIRROR WATER MUSIC’ is a place designed to get you into the MIRROR WATER state of mind.



Shall we set the tone with some music?
‘Music for Valentine's Day’ is here.
Christine Mai Nguyen has curated a beautiful mix of her favourite "love and love adjacent songs".