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Trust us, as a beauty brand, we’re well aware of the way the industry has historically impacted society – from driving unrealistic beauty standards to profiting off of insecurities, excluding underrepresented groups, and contributing the world’s growing mental health crisis.

Today, however, independent beauty brands seem to be redefining these standards – making room in the industry for diversity, encouraging customers to embrace their uniqueness, and creating products with mindfulness and mental health in mind… AKA, everything we at MIRROR WATER aim to support with our community-led, self-reflection-focused bodycare.

Coinciding with this shift, it seems that the definition of beauty, itself, is undergoing its own renaissance – transforming everyday beauty practices from banal routines to grounding rituals and special moments of time that we take for ourselves. That being said, usual practices of putting on your make-up, slathering on your moisturising routine, taking a bath, or even a 10-minute meditation routine before bed may work as an emotional force to combat things like stress, anxiety, or exhaustion.

While these beauty practices are by no means a mental-health cure-all – and they shouldn’t be used in place of advice from healthcare professional – their associations with feelings of tranquillity, self-connection, and well-being have the ability to trigger positive associations in the brain, signalling your brain to produce positive chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins.

With that in mind, emotional beauty rituals could serve as an attainable and relaxing way to connect with your body, spend some time reflecting, and support your mental health. Want to get started with your own emotional beauty practices? We’ve dropped four of our favourite tips below.

Breathe in the aromatics of SMOOTH after your shower

Transform your daily moisturising routine into a quiet, meditative moment with our SMOOTH Body Oil. After you shower, gently apply SMOOTH over your skin with soft strokes, paying close attention to the scent and sensations; here, your brain will link the soothing fragrance to your emotional state – resulting in a calming, meditative practice as you hydrate your body.

Applying RUB on-the-go

While most of your beauty routine probably takes place while at home, this ritual provides a chance to ease feelings of stress or anxiety on the go. Whether you’re travelling on public transport or having a busy day at the office, take a moment to apply our RUB Solid Balm on your wrists and neck. In a stressful moment, smell the product for a grounding reminder.

Journal affirmations before your morning routine

FYI, your beauty rituals don’t always have to be based around products; they can also include practices like journaling or meditating. Before you dive into your morning routine, take a few minutes to write down positive affirmations in a journal… or simply jot down anything on your mind to spend time self-reflecting.

SOAK in the bath, without your phone

Feeling overwhelmed? Instead of watching a film, reading, or scrolling on TikTok in the bath, give yourself a few minutes to soak without distractions, paying attention to how you feel and allowing your thoughts and emotions to come and go… and don’t forget to add a handful of our SOAK Bath Salts for added relaxation.