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Freya Bramble-Carter: An Interview with MIRROR WATER

Freya Bramble-Carter is a ceramics artist who creates tableware as well as larger sculptural vessels. Freya’s work changes frequently, the product of her curiosity and desire to keep learning and experimenting. Based in London, Freya also teaches ceramics classes from her workshop. Freya talked to MIRROR WATER about her approach to clay, and how insights about ceramics often apply to everyday life, too.

MIRROR WATER: Can you describe your studio?

FREYA BRAMBLE-CARTER: My studio goes from shockingly, horrendously, embarrassingly messy (more like a storage cupboard of pots and equipment turned upside down!) to then looking like a super neat showroom with an exuberance of shiny glazed work on show, often laid out on linens and wooden plinths. If I could hire somebody to look after my studio and keep it organised without breaking work, I would. (Anyone out there?!) It usually takes people a while to learn how to be around delicate stuff. I think even being careful takes practise. Last night my apprentice broke a couple of huge pieces with just one step, so I also have to constantly let go otherwise I’d be in tears most of the time with all the heartache pottery gives you—things just simply go wrong!

MIRROR WATER: Did having a family background in ceramics make it easier or harder to forge your own style of pottery? How did you develop your pottery style?

FREYA BRAMBLE-CARTER: I think having my father as my role model working with this material meant I was heavily flavoured by his style, but that’s only because I really, really like it! Other ceramics never initiated me in the same way. There is a depth of something magical within the essence of my father’s sculptures that I saw in my living spaces growing up—it drew me in. He gave me a strong skills backing so that I can make what I want.

Now I go with my own flow and develop my style very organically. Sometimes I’m inspired by things that I’ve seen, other times I’m stretching myself, pouring my inside out. It’s interesting to see what I can pull out of me. Overall I am not attached to a limited style; I’d rather free fall for now. I say ‘limited’ just because I don’t like feeling restricted and I think I would be bored if I narrowed my style. Also, mirroring this ever-changing world, it’s exciting to ride these waves of change, stay open and fluid in my self and work. I say all this but from the outside many people would say I already have a strong style.

MIRROR WATER: Do you have a favourite tool?

FREYA BRAMBLE-CARTER: My favourite tool is the metal kidney. It is quite sharp, very easy to cut yourself with, and I use this to refine my shapes when I’m throwing on the wheel. It compresses the clay, helping to strengthen and straighten a clay wall. I must say the ultimate best tools are definitely these wiggly fingers I was born with. My hands have changed, though. They have developed muscle and are a lot chunkier than my twin sister’s. Our hands used to be identical, now mine are like Olympic-ly strong, weathered pointers with no nails!

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WRITTEN BY: Emma Gibbins