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Meet Ross J. Barr:
celebrity acupuncturist and wellness expert

Rewind back in time, and celebrity acupuncturist and wellness expert Ross J. Barr was being persuaded by his mother to try his first-ever acupuncture session – an attempt to heal from the sudden loss of his father. “Acupuncture's important to me because of the difference it made at an early age,” Ross tells MIRROR WATER. On his website, the practitioner explains: “I remember it vividly even now, I walked out of the clinic with the feeling that despite everything it was going to be okay. With every passing week I felt better, and gradually, I began to fall in love with the medicine more and more.”

Today, Ross J. Barr is one of the biggest acupuncture practitioners in his field, treating celebrity clients like Alexa Chung and Meghan Markle with his Five Element acupuncture practice – a method which helps to treat patients’ physical and emotional symptoms. Helping his clients reach ultimate wellbeing, Ross’ specialties in supporting clients wide-ranging needs from stress management and grief support to women’s health and fertility (see: Charlotte’s Sex and the City acupuncture image to the right).

Supporting his practise, Ross has also launched a range of at-home wellness tools – including supplements and Calm Patches: gentle, at-home patches used to stimulate acupuncture pressure points for anti-stress, muscle-healing, or sleep-support usage. Speaking to MIRROR WATER, Ross shares how he got started in the field, debunks acupuncture myths, and explains how the practice can help support fertility.

MIRROR WATER: Grounding and relaxation is so important to us here at MIRROR WATER. Can you please tell us a bit about your Calm Patches and how they work?

Ross J. Barr: First and foremost, we tend to put them on an acupuncture point so that’s really good for calming the neurological pathways. It’s a little point, so it’s one that often helps when people are getting a wee bit frustrated or stressed.

MIRROR WATER: Can you tell us a bit about your acupuncture work within fertility?

Ross J. Barr: I love that side of my job! A lot of acupuncturists will end up helping people with fertility because of its ability to regulate the menstrual cycle. It works profoundly on that. And so as a result of regulating the cycle, you will often enhance fertility, but it's just something I love doing. It's one of the most satisfying parts of the job.

MIRROR WATER: Acupuncture is gaining a lot of popularity online over the past few years. Are there any myths or misconceptions about acupuncture that you can dispel?

Ross J. Barr: It does hurt, but in a nice way. And you never need as many needles as you think you might.

MIRROR WATER: What advice would you give to someone who’s just getting started with the practise?

Ross J. Barr: This isn't one of those medicines that works for some people and not others. It doesn't matter if you believe in it, it works fundamentally, full stop – providing we as practitioners get our diagnosis right and we hit the right points. So I would say to the patient, keeping the faith and [giving] feedback is really important: good or bad. Feedback is what really helps a practitioner hone in their treatment strategy and their diagnosis. 

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