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99.9% naturally-derived.

This weekly body exfoliator is formulated with refining salts and shea nut shell powder to ensure that the various surfaces on your body are effectively exfoliated. The binding qualities of Soap Bark give BUFF its gel-like consistency. This texture envelops the exfoliating particles, ensuring mess-free application. Use BUFF to help slough away dead skin cells and impurities without stripping the skin of its much-needed moisture. Formulated with essential oils to keep you grounded such as vetiver, cedarwood, Canadian black spruce and bergamot. You will notice that the sparkling woody fragrance is heightened by your touch.

This is a glass jar. When it is empty, please rinse & reuse & recycle.

You Are Buff

The silken leader - A charismatic being, able to bring out the good in everyone.

Thought of the day: Wherever you go, there you are