Responsible, Not Sustainable

MIRROR WATER is not another sustainable beauty brand. To be any business in 2023, means to be responsible. We make the best decisions where possible, to have a greater impact on both the environment and those living in it. We don’t shout about it often, because it’s no longer something to brag about—it is inherently who we are.

Our Ingredient Philosophy

Did you know that vetiver is a grass which drives its roots four metres deep into the earth? This plant and its hardy root system contain remarkable antioxidant properties that help to soothe dry skin. This is why vetiver is one of our hero ingredients. We encourage you to peruse our individual product pages to learn more about the ingredients we use, and to discover why we’re excited about them.

At MIRROR WATER we believe in giving you the power to understand the ingredients that come into contact with your body. Thanks to the expertise of our product development pros, here we have detailed the ingredients we don’t use and why we choose to find alternatives:

MINDFUL OF PRESERVATIVES: We do not use methylisothiazolinone (MET), a powerful biocide and preservative often used in personal care products. MET has the potential to heighten issues with skin sensitisation, such as contact dermatitis and eczema, and so we avoid MET entirely.

PALM OIL STATEMENT: We do not directly purchase or use palm oil in our formulas. We have chosen to use alternative vegetable oils such as carrot oil, grapeseed seed oil and shea butter. However, some ingredients may contain derivatives. According to the information given by our raw material supplier, the derivative from Palm oil RSPO certified, through the Mass Balance and Segregated Supply Chain Models (MB/SG).

EDTA FREE: Our formulation do not have EDTA. EDTA is commonly used for stabilisation purposes. These compounds do not naturally break down in the environment and have been found in waterways.

A NOTE ON FRAGRANCE: We do not use benzophenone, a fragrance enhancer, due to its negative impact on the coral reef. Instead we rely on natural oils such as vetiver and cedarwood to enhance the scent of our products.

PARABEN FREE: We do not use phthalates, polyethylene, formaldehyde, triclosan or any other parabens. Whilst more studies are needed to confirm the effect of these chemicals on our health and the environment, we would rather use alternative materials to prioritise our users’ wellbeing.

Our Packaging

We’re always trying to make improvements on our packaging here at MIRROR WATER, and that’s why you’ll see us rolling out brand new, aluminium lids on our full body care range in summer 2023 in order to reach our goal of zero-plastic packaging.

While the packaging we send our products in is fully recyclable, we’re most proud of our mycelium gift boxes that you can shop.

The boxes are bio-digestible meaning it can be broken down by bacteria in the absence of oxygen. In large scale industrial anaerobic digestion trials it proved to be both effective and beneficial in drying out wet food matter, typically found in kerbside food collections. Also at the end of their life, the boxes are biodegradable at home.

When broken up into small pieces by hand, it will return to the soil in around 45 days, keeping all its carbon safely locked away and also adding nitrates to the earth. This process can occur in a compost heap, garden, or even in a plant pot.

Here’s how you can re-use your mycelium Gift Boxes:
    Break up into small pieces with your hands Biodegradable in your garden, plant pot, or green waste.
    Place in food waste collection bin for anaerobic digestion.
    Use your used packaging for storage or as a plant pot.
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