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Estée Lalonde is a Creative Director living in London, England. Known for creating videos, hosting/producing podcasts and her love of all things beauty, it’s the sense of community she’s built in the online space that Estée is most proud of.

Looking back to Estée’s first few YouTube videos from more than a decade ago, it’s clear that beauty, vulnerability and self-reflection were at the heart of the content, themes which continued to emerge over the next ten years, so it’s a natural progression that these would form the foundation of MIRROR WATER, too.

Narratives of self-care have let us down. We are encouraged to heal ourselves temporarily for the sole purpose of carrying on as normal. This exhausting, endless cycle benefits our culture of hyper-productivity and presenteeism—but does not enrich us. Opening up about her life, talking about her vulnerable side and addressing her mental health struggles has resulted in her audience feeling understood, hopeful and connected. When she’s not working, you’re most likely to find Estée soaking in the tub, drinking her favourite red wine or walking around the park with her rescue pup, Effie.

Estée’s goal is to create an online space where you feel like you can be your whole self, indulge in whatever makes you feel good and connect with likeminded people.

To connect with Estée, you can follow her on all social media channels at @esteelalonde or watch her videos on YouTube.